Welcome to the Wrentham Sportsmen's Association new membership information.
General History of the Club
The Sportsmen's Club was formed in 1927 and held their first meeting in a second-floor hall on East Street in Wrentham. Sometime later a building on Park Street, Wrentham was bought and meetings were held there until 1947 when the present clubhouse was purchased. The building was an old mill and much had to be done. First priority was a kitchen and the pine wall and floor, than came a shooting gallery in the cellar. The club was not open all the time, as it is now, and was used primarily for fishing, casting events and parties. The first trap machine was installed in 1968 and, although it was a dangerous thing to be around, it was used until 1985 when the present trap house and field was built. Lights were installed and a better trap machine was acquired shortly after that. A greater interest in trap led to the purchase of a new machine in 1990. The rifle range started around 1978-1979 and has been improved from time to time. The addition of the range cover, warming house and a storage building were all added in the late 1980's. Stocking of fish and game has been a practice of the club since 1948. The pond was partially dredged in 1957 when the dam was lost to a storm. Then in 1987 a major restoration was started that would go on until completion in 1991. The club was expanded from a screen porch that was built in the 1960's to a very comfortable lounge in 1989.

Condition of Acceptance: 

1. I agree to participate in a minimum of sixteen (16) hours of work parties and three (3) meetings within the first six months of membership. New members with night employment will do four (4) hours work parties in lieu of the three (3) meetings. Work parties will include club functions, facilities maintenance, and active participation on club committees. 

2. Your first six (6) months as a new member is a probationary period. At the end of your probation period, your participation and behavior will be reviewed by the Membership Committee. The Membership Committee will then make a recommendation to the Advisory Board to either accept or reject your membership. Remember, this will be based on your behavior, and contribution to the club during your probationary period. 

3. A Range Safety Orientation is required prior to using the range. This must be completed during your probationary period. 

4. Keys and Key Card must be turned in upon demand from the Advisory Board. 

5. I agree to pay $150.00 Initiation fee along with my yearly dues of $200.00 at time of application. Where if your application for membership is denied you will receive a refund of monies paid for membership. Please make payments in check form. 

6. Application for membership is taken on the second Monday of the month, or prior to general meetings. The applicant must remain for the introduction to the membership at the general meeting of application. The applicant then will return at the next monthly meeting for club vote on membership.

Please print off the membership application below.