7 Madison St, 
Plainville, MA 02762 
(508) 643-1322
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Club Updates:

Advisory Board Meeting to be held on Monday, August 3, 7:00pm, outside under the Pavillon. Sitting 6 ft apart and please wear a mask. Those that need to pay their dues for 2020, please attend this meeting.  

General Meeting to be held on Monday, August 10, 7:00pm, outside under the Pavillon. Sitting 6 ft apart and once again, please wear your mask. Nominations will open for officers for the year 2021, starting at the August 10 meeting and then held again at the Monday, September 14, General Meeting.

Hope to see you there.

 If entry is necessary into the club house, 1) maintain social distancing of at least six feet from other members; 2) lights should be off at the end of the night and all doors closed; 3) put all food trash in the dumpster; 4) when using the kitchen or BBQ grills you are responsible to clean or disinfect the area in which work was done.


When I go to the club in the morning, there are an assortment of wild animals dining on rib and chicken bones, pizza, tacos, and donuts. Please be aware put your personal trash in the dumpster do not leave on the tables or in trash barrels. I took a walk and noticed broken glass in the fire pit area, please be aware we have a dumpster that glass belongs in or recycle. 


Thank you and stay safe,


For those of you with tents and campers on club property. We ask that you move them after two weeks. This will allow other members an opportunity to use the grounds as well We thank you in advance for your cooperation with this.


The Fish and Game Committee

Also The Gun Range is open effective today 5/18/2020. We ask that you follow social distancing and wear masks when applicable. We are postponing all organized shoots until further notice. We need time to figure out how to safely run them with in social distancing guidelines.