Pond Use:

  • Boats, rubber rafts, and canoes may be powered by electric motors only, no gas motors allowed. All boats, rafts, and canoes must be locked when not  in use and have the members/owners name located on the boat, raft, or canoe.

  • PFD’s, personal flotation devices must be worn between September 15th – May 15th, this applies to kayaks, canoes and rubber rafts. All other boats must have PFD’s for each person on board.

  • The dumping or disposal of trash in or near the waters of the club will not be tolerated and anyone caught will be dealt with severely. Please pick up and properly dispose of any trash you see on club property.

  • Any and all fires put into use for any reason on club property must be contained, watched while in use, and properly extinguished prior to leaving the area.

  • Anyone camping around the pond or on the islands should clean up when done and leave the grounds in the same shape or better than it was when camping started.

  • Wood for fires should be available, but if not, wood may be cut provided no live trees or brushes are cut. Cutting of any live brush, trees or shrubbery on Slater’s Island is prohibited.  

  • The grates at the dam will be taken care of by the Fish and Game Committee Members; all others are requested not to tamper with them unless an emergency situation arises. 

 Fishing Rules:

  • The trout creel limit will be three (3) per Senior Member, three (3) per Junior Member, and no more than four (4) per family during any one day of fishing.

  • Each and everyone fishing shall have their own stringer to attach his or her catch to. No two people may share the same stringer with the exception of very small children fishing with their parents.

  • All other fish caught in the pond will be under the rules and laws set by the Massachusetts Department of Fisheries. Sizes and creel limits will be enforced the same as if a State Game Warden was policing catches. “See current abstracts”

  • No person at any time shall fish with more than two (2) rods and reels, be it bait fishing, fly fishing, or spin fishing, or any combination of these. While ice fishing, no more than (5) five hooks.

  • Any pan fish caught and not wanted should be disposed of over the dam, or other appropriate place, not littered around the pond.

  • Barbless hooks must be used while bait fishing with the exception of live bait fish. Positively no treble hooks may be used while bait fishing.

  • Any member may bring guests for a fee of ten dollars ($10.00) per guest, per day. The member must fish with their guests, and all guests must comply with the Club pond use and fishing rules.
Boat storage form:

For those that are storing boats at the club. We have attached this form for your convenience. Please download this form and complete it. Also we ask that you attach your payment to this form and leave it in the Advisory board box inside the club.
Welcome to our Pond, see our rules below.​
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